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Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

Ivybridge Community College

‘Art in Heaven’

Ivybridge Community College Year 7 student, Edward Watts, has written a beautiful piece of Spirited Arts College work. 

The picture that he took of the College with the rainbow, his poem and personal experience of the lockdown have been thought as outstanding by many at the College.

Edward said, “I was inspired to write this poem after seeing a rainbow from my window the other day and after having felt so fed up with being unable to go out and see my friends freely.  Also, my Mum shared a quote with me from the Bible and it struck a chord with how I was feeling.  It was from 1 Corinthians 13:13:

“Now these three remain: faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love”

And this is the quote that I feel fits well with my work.

Also, my Uncle and Auntie had a baby too, and the impact of Covid -19 even on this wonderful event was so evident.

The title I chose is ‘Rainbow’ because this is my idea of inspirational hope and it is the Christian symbol of hope from the story of Noah and the impact of the whole Covid-19 virus on everyone feels like we have been through long days of a terrible flood of illness and now we can just make out the rainbow on the other side.   This work has helped me to realise things will get better.

If you look carefully at the photo I took, you will see I managed to get Ivybridge Community College into the background and at the end of the rainbow, and I am  really looking forward to being back there because that will mark the end of this lockdown and the start of a return to normality!”

Mrs Taylor, Deputy Principal said,” it was a truly inspirational and moving piece of writing , written by a Year 7 student after he had seen  a rainbow from his window which in itself is a very emotive symbol  during lockdown, we are very proud of his response to this.”



Locked in, locked up, locked down

COVID-19 taking the crown

Where’s the faith in all of this?

Just boundaries and the unknown

Then the untrodden track

A future path not ever walked on

And the unthinking, just sleeping – the gone


The lost, but not forgotten

Where’s the faith in all of this?

Yes, where’s the hope in all of this?

We’re still closed up, in a box for some

Maybe forever?


Some of us just lonely

Isolated on the island called home




Zoom- a connection- back with my friends

Can the bright light be seen?

The light of free families

The light from safe families

And although some life is gone,

Never coming back.


Now with the fear contained,

New life springs too

The joy of a new- born baby

Its cry, such a delight


And the rainbow spectrum above

My sign of hope:

God’s almighty throne

And his will to reclaim the crown.


By Edward Watts